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Pictures Of Tsim Sha Tsui

Check out this gallery for pictures of TST, probably one of the most photographed districts in the world!

With many open spaces, interesting architecture, and outdoor art there is great potential for photography in TST. As it is full of tourists all the locals and shopkeepers are quite familiar with being photographed and so there should be no difficulty taking street photographs.

Do beware that some electronic shops however tend to not appreciate their staff being photographed, so do watch out and respect any "No Photos" signs.
Tsim Sha Tsui Tsimshatsui?

In Chinese the district is called 尖沙嘴, which literally means Tip Sand Mouth, and is a reference to the sandy river which once flowed here, long since covered by land reclamation.  The pronunciation is impossible to describe using Roman letters alone, some attempts include Jim Shar Joy and Chim Sa Choi but none are of course accurate, and it is very hard for a non Chinese native to pronounce the words correctly.  Hence the common abriviation into TST - sounded out as "tee-ess-tee".  Everybody in Hong Kong will understand if you say TST.

When it comes to writing you will see Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsimshatsui used equally, both are acceptable.  But not Tsimsha Tsui or Tsim Shatsui, that would be incorrect.  However you say or write it, TST is a fascinating place to be.


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